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Children World's English for Beginners Series combines the key elements of an unforgettable adventure experience! Engage your child in the fun-filled activities for the development and enhancement of essential skills while stimulating their imagination through the wonderful characters at the same time.

29.60 x 20.80 x 0.15 cm
16 pp, paperback

Download the song FREE from for even more learning fun!

16.40 x 14.20 x 1.05 cm
10 pp, boardbook

Kids Song Board Book - Nursery Rhymes

Price: PHP 84.75 PHP 60.00

Learning about animals is easy with this magnetic book. Guided by simple sentences, children will love to complete each fun scene with colorful magnetic pieces. Matching word magnets with pictures encourages your child to learn about animals as they play.

18 x 15.40 x 1 cm
8 pp, hardback

4 exciting books in an easy-to-hold box.

9 x 12.12 x 8.10 cm
12 pp (4 books), padded hardback

My Gift Box of Early Learning House

Price: PHP 184.75 PHP 120.00

My Glitter Book of Vegetables is specially designed for little tots, featuring bright and color pictures to introduce them to a wide range of vegetables.

15.60 x 11.80 x 1.50 cm
10 pp, boardbook

My Glitter Book of Vegetables

Price: PHP 139.75 PHP 100.00

Each jumbo picture comes to life in this vibrantly colored book that your children would surely enjoy!

42 x 27.90 x 0.30 cm
32 pp, paperback

My Jumbo Book of Numbers

Price: PHP 254.75 PHP 150.00

Wiggle your fingers to Incy Wincy Spider, bounce along to the Wheels on the Bus and snuggle up to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. A beautiful collection of over 100 best-loved nursery rhymes, carefully chosen just for you.

24.10 x 24 x 1.80 cm
192 pp, padded hardback

Nursery Rhymes (Padded)

Price: PHP 374.75

A wonderful world of colors, shapes, flowers, birds, animals, alphabets and much more learning is made fun in this delightful picture book! Pick up this book that promises unforgettable journey where children would come back to visit these pages again and again.

28.40 x 22.20 x 0.85 cm
44 pp, hardback