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It's said that fact is stranger than fiction…but can you tell the difference? Freaky Fact or Fiction contains over 200 strange and interesting dinosaur tales that will put you to the test. Quiz your family and astound your friends with hours of freaky fun!

14.85 x 11.30 x 1.40 cm
224 pp, paperback

This book gives introduction to the fundamental of chemistry in this division of How & Why.

28 x 21 x 0.40 cm
48 pp, hardback

How & Why - Chemistry

Price: PHP 150.00 PHP 75.00

Explore cultivation on a farm. Which animals live on a farm? How often do hens lay eggs? What work takes place on a field? Which machines help a farmer's work?

28 x 23.50 x 1.50 cm
48 pp, hardback

How & Why Junior - Farm

Price: PHP 250.00 PHP 95.00

Life in Pictures: Michael Jackson covers the career of a popular music legend, from the child star whose infectious lead vocals catapulted the Jackson 5 into the spotlight, to the feeding frenzy that sorrounded the announcement of a new tour in summer 2009.

14.90 x 11.90 x 2.30 cm
256 pp, hardback

Life in Pictures - Michael Jackson

Price: PHP 224.75 PHP 150.00

Layer by layer, both the structure and function of the human body are mapped in stunning detail. Packed with body maps, lavish photography, informational diagrams and up-to-date anatomical facts, this is the ultimate guide to the human body. Each subsection concludes with a presentation of what happens when the body is invaded or malfuntions, our natural defenses, the most recent research on diagnosis and the latest medical innovations.

34.20 x 27 x 2.30 cm
288 pp, hardback

More than 200 beautiful, full-color photographs! See sites, symbols, people, and places from around the globe - all in one place. And more than 1, 000 fun facts and fascinating tidbits about food, culture, wildlife, history, and national treasures from around the globe.

27.50 x 20.30 x 0.80 cm
144 pp, paperback

Time for Kids World Atlas

Price: PHP 299.75 PHP 95.00

A concise, modern dictionary comprising more than 15, 000 entries and 35, 000 definitions. An individually transcribed, syllable-based pronunciation guide spells out how to say each word in an accessible way. This specially commissioned guide lets readers of any age and ability tell at a glance how to pronounce even the hardest words. For those familiar with IPA there is also a phonetic guide with a key to the symbols.

23.30 x 16.50 x 2.20 cm
384 pp, paperback

This is an essential tool for all who wish to communicate, study, or enjoy the richness of language. It contains more than 150, 000 clear and accurate definitions. The Thesaurus has over 250, 000 synonyms and antonyms arranged in alphabetical order. The main feature of this volume is a special Philippine supplement with color maps - physical, political, and themed, with notes on Philippine history, geography, climate, industry, resources, economy, life, and culture.

27.40 x 21.40 x 4.20 cm
920 pp, padded hardback

From the heaviest bird of prey, to the largest reptile, meet the amazing, record breaking, animals of the world! Packed with fascinating facts and beautiful photography, the Book of World Records brings the animal world to life.

29 x 21.90 x 0.80 cm
46 pp, hardback

World Records - Animal World

Price: PHP 194.75 PHP 75.00

From the brightest comet, to the strongest cyclone, learn all about the amazing, record breaking, natural world! Packed with fascinating facts and beautiful photography, the Book of World Records brings the natural world to life.

29 x 21.90 x 0.80 cm
46 pp, hardback

World Records - Natural World

Price: PHP 194.75 PHP 75.00