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Covering all arts and crafts, children will love the activities and projects featured, with handy hints and tips, too! Guaranteed to provide hours of fun and entertainment for little fairies everywhere.

25.60 x 22.60 x 1.20 cm
96 pp, hardback

101 Fairy Things to Make & Do

Price: PHP 299.75

Learn to craft 11 different clay animals with the simple how-to book. Then bring some of your favorites to life with the air-dry clay! Once dry, your sturdy mini critters will be ready to play!

17.70 x 14.50 x 4.50 cm
32pp, paperback + 6 packs air-dry clay + plastic sculpting tool

Craft Factory: Clay Animals

Price: PHP 599.75

Learn to make 10 different styles of bracelets! Let your creativity - and friendship - shine!

17.70 x 14.50 x 4.50 cm
32 pp, paperback + 20 star charms + 4 bundles metallic thread + 2 bundles colored thread