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SIZE (inches) 27.60 x 21.20 x 6.70 cm
NO. OF PAGES 1,152pp, padded


This dictionary is an essential tool for Filipinos who want to hone their English skills and for foreigners who want to develop and master their understanding and fluency of the Filipino language.

Two references in one handy book. More than 20,000 clear, concise dictionary definitions. Over 50,000 synonyms and antonyms in the thesaurus. Ideal for school, home and work.

19.40 x 12.90 x 2.70 cm
444 pp, paperback

Introducing your child to the world of language, this book is a wonderful guidebook that enriches young minds one word at a time. While each word has been carefully selected to meet the needs of early readers, this dictionary is filled with words that interest the children of this age group.

28.70 x 22.20 x 0.40 cm
94 pp, hardback


Price: PHP 274.75

Design to stimulate and entertain, My First Picture Dictionary will help develop early learning skills.

23 x 17.80 x 1.20 cm
96 pp, hardback


Price: PHP 249.75

This best-selling dictionary has been created especially for students in the elementary grades. The editors have carefully chosen words that meet the vocabulary skills.

* Completely revised and updated with words kids need to know now.
* North American edition contains Canadian words & spellings
* 37,000 definitions written in clear, easy-to-understand language.
* More than 2,000,000 copies sold.


SIZE (inches) 19.10 x 13 x 2.70 cm
NO. OF PAGES 512 pp, paperback

A concise, modern dictionary comprising more than 15, 000 entries and 35, 000 definitions. An individually transcribed, syllable-based pronunciation guide spells out how to say each word in an accessible way. This specially commissioned guide lets readers of any age and ability tell at a glance how to pronounce even the hardest words. For those familiar with IPA there is also a phonetic guide with a key to the symbols.

23.30 x 16.50 x 2.20 cm
384 pp, paperback

This is an essential tool for all who wish to communicate, study, or enjoy the richness of language. It contains more than 150, 000 clear and accurate definitions. The Thesaurus has over 250, 000 synonyms and antonyms arranged in alphabetical order. The main feature of this volume is a special Philippine supplement with color maps - physical, political, and themed, with notes on Philippine history, geography, climate, industry, resources, economy, life, and culture.

27.40 x 21.40 x 4.20 cm
920 pp, padded hardback